Undergraduate Program

The Department of Economics focuses on teaching, research, and outreach in regard to economic issues at the state, national, and international levels. We offer general education courses that provide undergraduates from across the university with a background in the business, policy, and international aspects of economics they need to support their programs of study. The majority of our faculty is engaged in interdisciplinary or international research collaboration.

Change/Add Major

Students will only be able to change their major to Economics to either Economics, Science (ECAS) will be open April 30-May 25, 2018 The Department of Economics requires students to meet with the Undergraduate Advisor to complete a Policy 91 review before their request will be approved.

Students wishing to change their major to Economics must meet with the Undergraduate Advisor before applying to change your major. To schedule an appointment click here to email the Undergraduate Advisor, Erika Perdue.



February 26 is the last day to drop classes from Spring 2018 scheduled.

Beginning on February 27 students wishing to remove a class from their spring schedule will need to complete a Course Withdraw form.


Articles of Interest

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