VT-UDEP Study Abroad

Econ Faculty Receive Grant that Provides Scholarships for Study Abroad Program!!!

Drs. Ball and Smith received Partners of The Americas grant to fund Econ Study abroad Program in Peru! This is a unique bi-directional study abroad program where students from VT and Universidad di Piura will learn about lab (at VT) and field experiments (at UDEP) in policy-making. The $25000 grant from the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund will be used to provide scholarships to students who enroll in the study abroad program.

Students will spend the first week doing online preparation. Week 2 for all students will be in Blacksburg and weeks 3&4 in Lima and Piura. With scholarships the total cost will be $1700 plus tuition. Spots are limited!

This study abroad program provides policy-related experiential learning is also been supported by a CIDER grant and the Global Education office at Virginia Tech.

The other investigators on the grant are Rachel Fitzgerald from the Global Ed office and Dr. Marcos Agurto Director, Lima School of Economics Peru.