Xi Chen Defense 2016



Congratulations to Xi Chen!
The Economics department would like to extend our congratulations to Dr. Xi Chen, our newest graduate and alumnus. She graduated on May 14, 2016, having successfully defended her dissertation entitled, “Three Essays on Labor Supply in China”.
In her words, “Both male and female labor market attachement has dramatically declined in China during the last three decades as the country makes its transition from a centrally-planned to a market-oriendted economy. My research seeks to understand this mysterious declining labor force participation rate in China by studying its evolution and determination in three essays: the first essay decomposes the decline of femalte labor force participation into different sources; the second essay studies how the former employment statusof a woman’s mother-in-law affects her current labor market participation decision; and the third essay explores how the inflow of rural migrants affects the labor supply decisions of urban residents in China.”
She will be working for the forecasting team at FedEx in Memphis, TN.