Bahel, Ball, Sarangi – Summer Scholars 2016

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 Congratulations to Dr. Eric Bahel (PI), Dr. Sheryl Ball and Dr. Sudipta Sarangi, whose research project on strategic lying and cooperation has received a Summer Scholars Award from the Institute for Society, Culture and Environment. It is well established in economic theory that cooperation often leads to efficient outcomes. However, self-interested agents typically fail to cooperate, which generates inefficient outcomes. This lack of cooperation is illustrated by well-known economic terms such as ‘the tragedy of the commons’. Their project examines a way of increasing cooperation between self-interested agents by combining pre-play communication and the proven notion that some agents are averse to deception or inequality; and they show that the standard result predicating non-cooperation is reversed. The project also includes an experimental component allowing to test the theoretical results. Applications relate to trade negotiations, conflict resolution, resource (mis)use, waste recycling, etc.