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Affiliates – King-Casas Moehler You

The Department is pleased to announce three new affiliate faculty appointments:

Brooks King-CasasBrooks King-Casas is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology with appointments at VTCRI, School of Neuroscience, School of Biomedical Engineering & Science, and Faculty of Health Sciences.
Michael Moehler is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and is the Director and Founder of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Program.

Wen You is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics in addition to serving with the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Omid Bagheri – Defense

Thursday, August 10, 2017 – Congratulations to Omid Bagheri, who successfully defended his dissertation, Three Essays in Applied Microeconomics today. Be sure to congratulate him as he prepares to head to his new job at Kent State!

Haller – Growth & Markets Book

Congratulations to Prof. Hans Haller on hiHaller books new book Groups and Market.  In this book Dr. Haller and his long-time collaborator Dr. Hans Gersbach of ETH Zurich organize, summarize and expand on their research on general equilibrium models with multi-member households. Often the economic models treat households like single consumers, although the decisions and well-being of individual members are obviously affected by the composition of their respective households. In turn, the formation of a household and its stability may depend on economic conditions and considerations. Professors Gersbach and Haller link together the formation, composition, decision-making and stability of households. Their more advanced models combine traditional exchange (markets for commodities) and matching (markets for people or partners). Their findings help improve our understanding of the economic aspects of social structure and inform economic policy.